2021-03-30 08:27:08
Day 2 done! Lets go guys!!!!!!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
2021-03-29 09:35:12
Day 1 down. Yes!!!!!!!!! Don't give up! Let's go ladies and gentlemen! Let's work those buns of steel! Eat right and drink plenty of water.
2021-03-21 09:30:57
Day 28 extreme done! I feel fantastic and ready for more.
Coop: Great job in completing the challenge.
Janae Goodwin-Graves: Awesome job 💪🏾
Phyllis Martin: Congratulations!
2021-03-19 09:17:20
Day 26 done. I missed yesterday because I pulled my muscle in the back of my left leg and it was painful. I massage it with Ellimist massage oil for muscle aches and I feel much better and I'm back on my grind. Double up.
2021-03-17 09:28:38
Day 24 lower body blast done! let's go ladies and gentlemen. Motivation!
2021-03-16 09:24:19
Day 23 extreme all done! Feeling amazing.
2021-03-15 09:35:15
Day 22! Lower body blast and 8 mins abs, done today. Feeling great!
2021-03-12 09:37:15
Day 19 sweat!
2021-03-12 09:26:02
Day 19 extreme done! Yesssss!!!!! I am feeling great. Let's go ladies. We can do this together. I am with you all the way.
2021-03-11 08:58:54
Day 18! lower body blast and 7 days medley extreme! Let's go guys. I know we can do this together. I am leading with love. Sending love and light to all you beautiful souls. Let's go!!!!!!!!
Phyllis Martin: Awesome! We’ve got this!