2021-03-30 08:22:35
Hello everyone! 💪🏽 If you have a Fitbit join our group X28 Challenge.
Tyra S: Monica send me your email.
Monica Williams: Thanks. Moniw4547@icloud.com
Tyra S: Check your email Monica.
2021-03-28 20:44:20
Ready for tomorrow!
2021-03-07 20:47:50
Day 14 done!
S Hall: Is this on the app?
Tyra S: Angela this is from the beginners workout and I went for a walk/jog also.
Tyra S: S Hall I have a Fitbit that I wear everyday from 6am until 7pm.
2021-02-23 17:16:10
Day 2 down! Let’s get it!
Carla Wilson: Yes indeed!
2021-02-22 06:42:48
Rasheedah Martin: Let's do this Tyra!
2021-02-21 17:59:03
Does the 28 days include the weekend?
Coop: Yes. It's 28 calendar days.
2021-02-20 17:41:37
Working on my grocery list. :-) #newbie #ready
Michelle Griffin: YES!!! Honestly, that's where the power is!
2021-02-19 19:35:08
What protein powder have you all used?
Jamyle Guess: Sunwarrior Lean formula
Latrecia Bowers: Vega protein & greens vanilla
2021-02-19 19:04:30
Just purchased the beginners program and I’m so ready to start!