X28 Challenge (Starts 10/25)

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This is the globally renowned online training program everyone has been talking about! If you’re looking for amazing results in the next 28 Days, you won’t find anything better than this! This program is comprised of interval training, Hiit cardio, and core exercises allowing you to burn fat and tone up in the most efficient manner! Beginner & Intermediate programs Included!

Program Also Includes: 

- Virtual Progress Checker to keep yourself accountable

- Meal Guides For All Lifesytles and Nutrition Calculator

- An Amazing Support Community 

X28 ALL ACCESS (Start Now)

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X28 All Access gives you the opportunity to use all our world class programs ON DEMAND!

Using our programs consistently will help you get in the best shape of your life! 

Your X28 ALL ACCESS PASS will include:  

  • Access to all of our monthly challenges  Beginner, Intermediate Xtreme & Lower Body Blast!
  • A Virtual Progress Checker to keep yourself accountable
  • Virtual Meal Guides and Nutrition Calculator 
  • An Amazing Support Community 
  • Monthly Coaching Calls 
  • Exclusive Recipes

You will also receive these bonus programs that you can do anytime! 

  • 8 Minute Abs! 
  • 20 Minute Resistance!
  • Reps & Sets Booty Burn!  
  • Upper Body Burn!