2021-12-04 19:48:13
I’m down 7lbs and feel great. Crazy how I hate the burpees and the Russian twist less. It’s all getting easier. Kinda not about the money anymore.
Joel Joy: 👆👆I'm curious to know this too!
Greg Simeon: I didn’t use the meal plans bcuz it gets expensive. I keep my calorie intake low. 3 boiled eggs 🥚 no yolk for breakfast with water to drink that’s 51 calories. I eat zucchini noodles for lunch (1 zuchinni 99 calories). If I add anything to my zucchini noodles I add the calories. The only meat protein I’m doing is ground turkey. I drink lemon water all day. But don’t get me wrong….. you will plateau. I’m at the plateau stage now. Should start tapering off again soon. On the 1st rest day I had chicken. I got caught slippin. But we are all built different. Burn more calories than you take in. That’s my goal.
Latondra Ward: Thanks💪🏾
2021-12-03 03:48:05
My schedule is so packed but I thank God for the energy to get up and slap these burpees 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ashley H: Like its nothing huh? Must be nice 😂
2021-12-01 05:38:21
Late posting but I’m feeling great. Day 3 we rest from burpees. I’m still going to do something today like run and jump rope.
Cherina Daniels: Omg... I thought something was wrong with my laptop cause nothing showed up when I went in day 3. I agree, I have it run or something
2021-11-29 18:56:36
Yo I’m proud of us. I feel like after working out and coming on here…. It feel like I wasn’t working out alone. #FeelGreat
Beverly Downer: You wasn’t we’re sure and Awesome team let’s all keep up the good work!!!!! Let’s all communicate every day if possible!!
2021-11-26 06:10:41
We made a great choice in taking control. Let’s work
Greg Simeon: Yoooooooo I feel so damn good.
Beverly Downer: Oh yea 💯💯💪🏽