2021-12-12 11:48:17
I didn't lose any weight, but I did complete the challenge.💪🏾💪🏾
Team X28 : Keep working hard and you will reach your goals! We're proud of you!
2021-12-10 06:11:28
Before I did Day 12, I decided to get on the scale. I’ve GAINED four pounds. I literally started crying because I was confused. I did everything right including following the general meal plan. I ate exactly how the example said to eat. I measured to see if I lost any inches. I gained inches. I took some more pictures and did a comparison of Day 1. Nothing changed….Just gained a few more pounds and inches. I almost didn’t do Day 12 because I was like what's the use of doing it when I gained weight within these 12 days. I am so disappointed because I really was excited about trying something new and different.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or experiencing this?
Latondra Ward: You all are great. Love Y'all🥰♥️
Racheal Obryant: Latondra Ward You look great!! Look at it like this instead of losing weight and inches the extra gain is muscle.
Latondra Ward: Thanks Love❤️
2021-12-07 06:08:42
Day 9 was a breeze. 💪🏾
Team X28 : Yesss that's the right energy! 💪🏽💪🏽
2021-12-04 11:16:10
I've completed Day 6. For some reason, Day 4 was the toughest/hardest day for me. I am almost quit after that day, but I didn't. Mind Over Matter!! I GOT THIS!!💪🏾
Joel Joy: Day 4 was definitely a beast for me lawd
Latondra Ward: I don't know if it was because of the rest day or what, but it took me completely out.
Georgette Reynolds: Maaan listen day four I was thanking God for them beeps lmaooo
2021-12-03 18:02:37
I want something SWEET so bad.😫
Georgette Reynolds: Don’t do it suh. You hot this
Team X28 : Don't do it Sis! 🚫
Latondra Ward: I fought it. This is the longest I have ever gone without any sweets. I am trying to make it a lifestyle and not just for this challenge.
2021-12-02 10:29:44
I almost tapped out this morning.😫 I literally had to start singing "Holy Spirit Activate, Holy Spirit Activate, Holy Spirit Activate, Activate Activate" to get up off the floor.😔
2021-12-01 05:37:16
Good Morning,
How's everyone coming along with the meal plan(s)? I LOVE sweets. I really had to fight my carvings yesterday. I almost slipped.
Latondra Ward: Yep, I drink a gallon of water.
Shay B: Food is my challenge not the workouts but I’m determined to finish strong
Beverly Downer: Drinking water is the KEY!!!
2021-11-29 05:06:27
I am about to do Day 1 video. I've never completed a challenge/followed a meal plan. I know I will do great with the videos. I just need to stick to the meal plan because I LOVE SWEETS. #MindOverMatter #IGotThis #WeGotThis #LetsGo

Update: I just completed Day 1 video. I love the program already.
Beverly Downer: Where are the videos at how do you get to the videos
Latondra Ward: Go to “My Subscription”, click on the “14 Day Challenge (Starts 11/29)”, Select which program challenge you would like to complete, then scroll down to see the videos.
Beverly Downer: Thks I find them yesterday !!
2021-11-28 19:53:27
Hey Ladies,
Which challenge and meal plan are you all going to do? I am going to do the intermediate challenge and the general meal plan.
Laura Cook: I'm doing the general meal plan and intermediate challenge also.
Crystal D: I’m doing strict and intermediate
Beverly Downer: I doing the general meal plan also
2021-11-28 16:19:25
I just went grocery shopping. WE GOT THIS!!💪🏾
Beverly Downer: Gurl yes we do 💯💯