2021-11-29 21:49:25
I'm so proud of everyone! First day is never easy but baby it gets better with time. After a few days round 4 will be a little better, your body will be use to the motions. Speak greatness over yourself. Even though it can be physically tough remember it's more so in your mind. Continue saying you can and you will and watch it be done! Never doubt yourself the finish line is not far and the moment you hit day 14 will be priceless! KEEP PUSHING YOU GOT IT!!!!
2021-11-29 21:27:35
I just finished day 1 and I feel amazing. That cool down is the truth ya'll much needed!
2021-11-28 12:38:51
What's up. Just sharing some love an congratulating everyone, including myself for making a choice to take on this challenge. It is 14 days so we may experience some moments where we may seem a bit too tired, or feel like it's too much. Our bodies are all different, but we all have the same goal. To get in shape, be healthy, look healthy an feel good. Just keep pushing baby!! The outcome is gonna be worth it. It's my first time too. If ya'll ever get discourage just reach out to someone on here I mean that's what this timeline is for..we all winners right?? RIGHT! I don't know if were able to private msg on here or not so if ya ever need to talk & keep yourself motivated or need a friend hit my IG juice_vibez32 💪🎯🤞 WE GOT THIS!
Denise Jackson: Let’s gooooooooo!
Beverly Downer: Yes ma’am 💯💯
2021-11-28 01:05:26
14 day challengers we got this 🤞
Beverly Downer: Yes we do!!!