2021-11-30 10:01:14
Day 2 workout done!!! Now to tackle the food part. Lol. Let’s have an amazing day!!
2021-11-29 16:25:04
So workouts are not my issue, food is!! 🥴😩. I just threw away all leftover desserts. I have a sweet tooth. Need to get rid of all temptations. Lol
Do you struggle with food or workouts?
Ashley H: Food is mine too on top of having PCOS which fuels my sugar cravings.
2021-11-29 08:21:18
Workout complete!!! Loved it all except the burpees! burpees are the devil. Lol
Hannah Blache: Did you do your workout on the app?
Lely Williams: No they don’t show up there. You have to log in online
2021-11-29 06:58:54
Good morning everyone!!! Let’s do this! About to get this workout in. 🙌🏽
2021-11-28 10:47:49
First timer here. READY!! 🙌🏽
Ms Lady: It shows food but they use to offer a shopping list I guess they don’t do that anymore