2022-11-30 10:30:24
Hey X28 online fam!! I just wanted to introduce myself to the group and say congratulations to every one of you who've decided to take a stand on getting healthy! X28 isn't just a quick fix, but it's a lifestyle change that works if you put in the work! So take those pics to keep track of your progress!!!

Started in 2020 and still going strong! 💪🏽
Team X28 : 😱 You look amazing!
Rita J.: Awesome work! You look great!!
2022-11-30 10:07:07
Day 1 ✔

Intermediate 4x

Let's go!!

Team X28 : Lets work!
2022-11-30 10:04:38
Day 2 ✔

Intermediate 4x

Still feeling under the weather, but I pushed through and got it done1

*Having issues posted via the app for some reason, so PC it is 😊
Team X28 : Day 2 is done!
2022-11-23 08:48:40
Still here preparing for the next round of shenanigans 💪🏽
Team X28 : Looking Good!
Tracy Wilford: Get it Sis!