2022-08-10 09:40:12
When is the best time to workout while taking x28 pills? Or does it matter?
Team X28 : @Janice We recommend the morning, please take 1 pill 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast for the best results.
Janice holmes: That's exactly how I been taking it.. I just didn't kno if I should workout in the morning of taking the pill or can I workout whenever of the day?
2022-08-08 09:30:09
Started my x28 pills this morning and yall listen 🥵 I'm sweating like crazy I'm going thru it its not even hot outside yet
Team X28 : @Janice Hey, they really work !! Continue exercising, eating clean and drinking lots of water and trust me you will see amazing results.
Janice holmes: I started all of that yesterday and just sweating all day I'm not use to this lol I felt like I was bouta die I couldn't stay cool doing certain things that was small but I'm gonna do this I deserve the body I want bday#8/29..
2022-08-01 01:27:12
Do the 8 min ab workout require rest days as well or can they be done everyday?
Team X28 : You can do 8minute abs anytime you want. Its a extra program to use as you please.