2022-07-28 09:40:23
Are they're any pics of anyone who took the ignite 24/7 fat burner pills before and after.. I just wanna see results b4 I buy them
Janice holmes: @team x28 I purchased a bottle Wednesday waiting for it to ship
Team X28 : Awesome! Let us know how you like them.
Janice holmes: I will
2022-07-26 21:54:29
Can loose belly fat while maintaining other areas?
Team X28 : Hey @Janice Yes!! You can dot this by completing workouts that will help you burn fat in your stomach area like our 8 mins abs workout for example. Than Complete workouts like our LBBC and Upper body burn to help sculpt, tone and maintain your body. You should also give our fat burner supplements a try. They’re design to help you burn fat and take your results to another level by boosting your metabolism, energy levels, and regulating your cravings! And right now they're 25% off if you use the code BURN3 🔥🔥 You can get them here: www.x28nutrition.com
Janice holmes: Thank you I'm on it❤💪🏾