2022-04-29 10:15:17
Day 12 Completed! 💪🏽 I am having a problem. I feel like my body is changing because the way my clothes feel but when I step on the scale I’m the same weight. Has anybody else dealt w/ that before? I'm going to take some time off from checking my weight because it can because discouraging. I even had someone tell me I was slimming down yesterday.

I can’t do a lot at one time so I chose to do the videos. I haven’t been going by the meal plan but still watch what I eat.
Konfena Simpson : @Stefani that right 💯 @Tylissa put the scale up ⬆️ it will not let you be great. This was the mindset I had with working out 🏋️‍♀️ it was Always the reason I quit. I didn’t take into consideration that I was building muscle. As long as your feeling it and seeing it. It’s working sis. Keep going 💪🏾
Team X28 : Hey @Tylissa! @Konfena & @Stefani are CORRECT!! Some people lose inches first and others will lose pounds. Everyone's body is different so it may take you a little longer to see a drop in pounds. The scale isn't the only way to measure success. The best thing that you can do for yourself is not focus on the scale. There are many things that contribute to temporary weight gain, such as water weight/bloating, muscle gain, etc. The best thing that you can do is focus on staying committed to the process which includes: working out consistently, sticking to eating clean, and drinking plenty of water. If you do these things your desired results will come.
Tylissa Harding : Thank everyone. I really appreciate it. My apologies for the late reply! I love the feedback & how we can encourage / motivate one another.
2022-04-24 20:02:09
So it was that time of the month Friday. Usually I don’t have the energy to work out but I pushed through & did it. 💪🏽

Then on Saturday I usually don’t be thinking about a workout but I used my down time at work to do the workout.

Today is a rest day but I am going to do the 8 min ab workout. My 5 year old daughter is joining me too.

All in all I pray I keep the determination I have going on. I hope everyone else is doing good. WE got this.
Team X28 : Love the dedication and determination you got this great job 🔥💪🏽
2022-04-21 10:31:47
Day 4 done! 💪🏽 I dread starting but once I start I’m focused. I love it! 😆
Brittany Houston: Me too I did not feel like working out today but I'm glad I did.
Team X28 : Great job 🔥💪🏽
2022-04-02 11:17:53
Good Morning,

I’m doing the lower body challenge. I started day before yesterday (thanks to the people who gave feedback on my post). I didn’t do yesterday (will make it up on my rest day) because the left, lower side of my back was hurting. I didn’t want to make an excuse so I got right back into it today. The same thing happened. I didn’t give up though I modified the exercises when I felt the pain instead of stopping. Has anyone had that problem? Does it mean I’m not doing the workouts right? All in all once I got to the “cool down” part the pain eased up a little.