2021-08-30 21:51:26
Day 14 Done!!! I'm still one day behind but not giving up. I hope everyone had a great day and keep it moving!!!
2021-08-28 20:35:13
Day 11 Done!
2021-08-27 12:57:49
Day 11 of the Beginner's Done! Keep it going and Happy Friday!!!
2021-08-26 19:12:41
Day 10 check Done! Hope everyone had a great day!
2021-08-25 09:05:56
Day 9 Done! I didn't get it in yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. I may attempt another workout later to catch up. Keep it going and have a great day!!!!
2021-08-23 09:25:09
Good morning, Day 8 Done! Keep it going and have a great day!!!
Camille B.: You too luv!!
2021-08-20 11:30:37
Good morning, Day 5 Done! Stay motivated and have an awesome day!!!
2021-08-19 05:37:39
Good morning, Day 4 Done! Everyone keep going and have a great day!
2021-08-17 06:21:44
Good morning, Day 2 Done!!! Have a good day and stay safe.
2021-08-16 05:46:29
Good morning, Day 1 Beginner's Challenge Done!