2023-04-18 22:28:43
Day 2 done ✅ I’m proud of me.
And I’m proud of everyone who pushed through today!

SN- I may switch to intermediate tomorrow. My endurance is higher than I thought. Gn 💪🏾
Team X28 : Don't sleep on yourself now! 🔥
Octavia Belt: I’m awake now!!! 💪🏾💪🏾
2023-04-17 22:30:46
Hello X28 family!!!!! I almost allowed stress to win today!!!! Instead, I chose to be the winner!!!! #Day1 #beginnerworkout
Team X28 : Let stress know whats up! ⚔️
2023-04-12 10:18:46
Good morning everyone!!!!! Yesterday I hit the gym for two hours of cardio. Ughhh… I gotta find consistency on this journey. Life gets in the way and trying to work around seems hard. But imma keep trying until consistency finds me. Here’s to starting over and trusting the process.

When does the next challenge start?????
Team X28 : Hey, I would suggest staying active within our X28 Community! You can make a End of the workout post that could keep you on track or you may be able to find a workout partner here as well!!
Team X28 : Our April 28-Day Challenge starts on 4/17!!🔥🔥
Octavia Belt: Thank you. I’m actually starting the workouts now within this platform to get motivated and work on my consistency. Thanks again.
2023-01-19 10:43:04
Good morning everyone! I hope today has been treating you kind thus far. I signed up 10-days ago and lost my motivation because life happens… I’ve been sticking to my meal plan, (down 4lbs just from changing my eating habits) but today is day 1 for the workout. I woke up today (as I do everyday) with a choice… and I chose me. No excuses! Here’s to day one of working out and Day 11 of clean eating! #DayOne #intermediate #workout #mealplan #x28

PS- If anyone is just starting their workouts today like me and would like to be accountability partners, I’m here!
Team X28 : Good Morning Champ!! Once you get started you aren't going to want to stop, all you need to see is progress! You are the priory, and we are glad that you chose to experience your fitness journey with us! 💪🏽💪🏽 You got this!! 🔥😤
B Marshal: Always chose you and that's not being selfish. I know if I didn't start choosing my self first no one would! You can always start where you left off. You got this!
2023-01-09 08:06:48
Good morning all!! Newbie here. I fell fell off track with my weight loss journey this past year, and today I’m ready to get back on track! Nice to be apart of this group! Looking forward to hitting my goals and encouraging you all to keep pushing for the same. Have a great day.
Team X28 : Welcome to the family! 🙌🏽 Let us know if you need any help.