2023-01-22 00:10:36
So glad Sunday is rest day!
Team X28 : You earned it!😌
2023-01-21 11:00:14
I got caught up, and can do my other one in the evening.
2023-01-19 19:04:53
Well still hanging in there. I'm a day behind because of my chemo, but I'll make it up once I get my stride back. I hope everyone makes it until the very last day, keep it moving everyone!
Team X28 : You got this!💪🏾
2023-01-11 18:40:42
I can't wait to see everyone before and after pics. I'm so excited and I have already lost 3 pounds!
2023-01-08 20:29:40
I'm on my way to a better me. Today wasn't as bad I thought it would be, getting better everyday!
Team X28 : High energy!! 🙌🏽 You got this!! 💪🏽
2023-01-06 22:55:33
Five days gone by already and it doesn't seem like it. I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah!
Team X28 : That what we like to hear!! Push through! 😤😤
2023-01-05 20:07:53
Ok another day under my belt!
Team X28 : We see you!! 🔥🔥💪🏽
2023-01-03 19:38:48
Day two down I'm dang near half dead, but I see sweat from places I didn't knew sweated.
Team X28 : Well. 😂
2023-01-02 19:52:27
Well I made it through the first lesson.
2023-01-01 12:14:11
Well Well Well, its a new year and it will be a new model of me by the end of this year. I'm praying my health improves as well. Let's make something shake!
Team X28 : Time for change!! We can't wait to see your results!!💪🏽🔥
B Marshal: Thks, hell me too!