2023-02-12 07:59:23
Soooo I’m a week behind!! However I’m soo estatic because I set the goal for myself to complete 1 challenge to the fullest! And as of today, I’ve officially completed day 28 of the January 2023 Extreme challenge!! I’ve never fully completed a challenge before!

11 more challenges to go! Day 1 of February 2023 Extreme challenge beginning tomorrow for me!
Team X28 : Wow! Congratulations 🎉 on completing Day 28 of the January 2023 Extreme challenge and setting a goal for yourself! That's amazing 🤩 and a huge accomplishment. Keep up the great work 💪, you are well on your way to reaching your goals. We are so proud of you 🌟 and know that you will continue to inspire others with your determination and drive.
2023-02-01 08:24:29
Super behind! Just finished day 19 of Xtreme. 7 more days to go for me. It will be my first challenge to completely finish!
Team X28 : And you will get there!!! Push through!! 😤😤‼️