2023-01-28 09:08:07
I signed up today after watching a live class on Instagram two days ago. I'm ready for all of it. Perhaps one day I can catch a live class like what was on Instagram. I love the energy that is why I joined for a year. I can't wait to see what one year can do for my back-to-fitness journeys.
Betty Johnson: I’ve been seeing amazing results EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Welcome back. You’ll love it and get on the fb group. I post on here and there. There’s more people on fb for sure. They’re very supportive and motivating.
Betty Johnson: It’s especially great to see before and afters from the regulars that look so amazing. It’s so encouraging for me cause I’m not where I want to be but seeing them and how great they look I often don’t recognize their Before pics so that’s awesome in itself.