2021-02-28 00:17:45
Day 6 complete! Im so lit rn bc I didnt die till round 4 compared to day 1 where after the 2nd workout I was dead. I also completed more sets of burpees than I ever have(I still hate them tho lol). I'm better today than i was yesterday and I'm so excited! #bettermetomorrow
Rasheedah Martin: That's awesome! It's a beautiful thing when you choose yourself!
2021-02-24 01:12:56
Day 2 complete. I did better today than yesterday and my goal is to be better tomorrow than I was today. PS, I hate burpees too lol. #imtired
Q P:
Ranata Dean: I think everyone hates burpees, especially after planks lol
Diamond A'Shari: That's a good goal girl! That's a goal achieving mindset #betterthanIwasyesterday
2021-02-23 01:32:39
Day 1 completed! It was a struggle but I got it done. So glad I got the all access pass. I would've been way over my head lol. Now let me go ice my knees lol