2021-02-28 14:18:39
Hello beautiful people! Yesterday was my rest day being that it was Saturday and I had some catching up with life to do...that being said, I completed yesterday's day 6 workout today and I am feeling tired, but ultimately good. I am making good choices and I like what I see so far! I am also proud and motivated by the progress of some of you ladies who posted your results thus far. I am also proud of us as a x28 community for deciding to put us and our health first and encouraging others along the way. So, put yourselves on the back and let's get this sh*t done!
Rasheedah Martin: Let's get it done!
Diamond A'Shari: Indeed!
2021-02-24 13:29:07
Alright y'all, so I missed day one's workout on Day one due to left over symptoms of aunt flo, but I managed to complete that just now, rather than resting. My lungs struggled a bit on some of them, but I made it through lol. I meal prepped a few low carb meals last night that should last the next 3 days. About to hop my a$$ in the shower, study for the NCLEX, cook for the fam, and get my nails done a little later...nothing fancy. Blessings to you all
2021-02-23 13:56:43
Day two in th wraps! How y'all feeling? I'm out of breath, but feeling good now that it's over...for today lol
Natasha Andrews: I'm feeling great honey! Ready for day 3!
Diamond A'Shari: Lol I hear that Candace!
Diamond A'Shari: Yasss Natasha!
2021-02-21 18:27:47
Hey..so does intermediate program start tomorrow, or did it start last week?
Diamond A'Shari: Nevermind, I figured it out lol