2021-02-28 16:23:43
All caught up..Day 6 done! It seems to be getting a little easier already..
Rasheedah Martin: Yes, it truly does! Great job!
Jill Vega: yes yes yes
2021-02-27 19:07:30
Fell a day behind...day 5 intermediate done! About to get that 8 min abs in..I’ll be working out tomorrow so I can get back on track.. Enjoy your rest day! R.I.P (rest, ice and pain killers)
Pamela Johnson : RiP (rest ice and pain killers) LOL
Sherrice Pittman : hahahaha!
Rasheedah Martin: Girrllllll!!! lol
2021-02-23 12:11:47
Question..Am I the only one on a modified version of the workouts by round 4??? I kept it moving tho...Day 2 check!!!!!
Renea Brown : LISTEN. At first I was like I can do a min worth of real Jumping Jacks...By the third round I was barely doing a two step
Lisa Lane: It’s like that in the beginning trust me just keep going. By the end of the challenge you’re going to be like “Dam I remember when I couldn’t do that exercise all four rounds”... Y’all Got this!!!
Rasheedah Martin: Soo true Lisa
2021-02-23 11:13:15
Sooooo today’s my day off and I’ve been laying in bed since 7:30 making every excuse why I can’t workout today...let me get my lazy butt up!! About to take some Tylenol stretch and hit this play button. Already hanging on to the wagon by my eyelashes...the rest of my body is hurt up!!!!!!!
Traci Beckles : Get it girl!! You will be glad when it's over :)
Sherrice Pittman : Done. It was rough but I made it!
2021-02-22 08:09:54
God we need your help to stay on this path towards health and fitness...amen! Day 1 INTERMEDIATE COMPLETE!!!!
M J: Where did you find the video?
Sherrice Pittman : We got this!!!! Thanks for the motivation!
Sherrice Pittman : @MJ click the box on the right where your profile photo should go..the. Choose my subscriptions and you can access your workout, meal plan and everything there.