2023-01-27 17:40:41
Getting back into a fitness regime after baby no 2 and fasting this time hubby will be joining me
Norma Holt: I am just beginning to start working put this is a awesome finesse exercises....I lost 50 lbs but my stomach needs help and this site is helping....Here I come cruise With you all I will be prefect in May....Thanks
Team X28 : Nothing like having a partner with you through this process! Let's GOO!!
Norma Holt: Team x28 is my partner we workout together awesome
2021-02-23 07:28:23
Day2 COMPLETE!! if I can do it so can you
Rasheedah Martin: We got this!
2021-02-22 17:38:46
had a banging migraine until 6ish so I could only do 2 out 4 rounds and the ads challenge. better day tomorrow
Ashely Marie Little: That’s for sure! 2 is better than none. My grandma is doing Zumba and we don’t have any coordination in our family lol so I asked how she does it and she said “just keep going!” We got this!
Deborah Simon: Yes we do we are strong and we can do anything
2021-02-21 15:54:31
I have taken on the extreme challenge; physically I know I can do it I need the motivation mentally

but anyway one step at a time
Deborah Simon: Thank you Lorraine
Shana Lane : Get an outfit, swimsuit etc and vision urself IN IT! Hang it there for your eyes to see first thing in the AM. That, WILL become your reality!!
Deborah Simon: Thank you so much Shania that is so true