2021-02-26 14:20:38
Day 5 and still going strong! This is thankfully becoming a habit. How's everyone feeling? I'm feeling good...I'm feeling great! ^_^
Diamond A'Shari: Feeling tired and slightly depleted, but here I am about to get today's session done and go about the rest of my day!
Claire E: Try yoga on your day off. It is soo relaxing and you will feel good. I’m just done with day 5 and I feel better day by day
2021-02-23 14:44:05
Two words...PLANK OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< Day 2.....WHEEEWWWW!!!!!!
Natasha Andrews: lol! They ain't no joke at all!
2021-02-22 14:54:24
WELL DAMN!!!!! It's the newness for me! Love these new workouts! They ain't playing no games...and neither am I. Day 1 DONE! How did everyone else do? If this is your first day or your umpteenth time doing this consistently or on and off, congrats on your journey!
DeSean Simpson: Great job Queen, I said the same thing, these new works ain’t no joke
Sherrice Pittman : That’s right get it done! It’s my umpteenth time...these workouts ain’t for the weak minded..that’s where it starts and your body will follow. I think I got my mind right this time..We got this! Leggo!
2021-02-12 13:07:53
3 months subscription! I can't wait to start with these programs again! Had to start and stop for medical reasons, but no more stopping! Getting the results I need and want this time around! I see and feel the results very quickly with these workouts so I can't wait!
Aisha Bryant-Centimole: That's awesome! If you need outside motivation and support apart from yourself and family I can be one of your cheerleaders too!
Autumn Conant: Thank you Hun
Aisha Bryant-Centimole: You're welcome!