2021-12-07 21:22:27
So I just noticed that I did not read the cash prize rules. I did take me before pictures but not a video. Smh. Does that count? Or was I supposed to do both?
Kulia Domino: I did the same I hope that don't get use. I read it when I pulled it up on my phone but didn't see that last page. Only seen it when I pulled it up on my laptop yesterday.
Teah Simon: Kulia-yes girl I saw the same thing when I used my.laptop yesterday and I was like wtf
Team X28 : Hey Teah, after completing the challenge please submit all videos and pictures that you have. Good luck!!
2021-12-06 21:37:12
Day 8 done! Phew
2021-12-02 21:48:10
Day four is done! Y'all I almost cried I could stand still and hold my leg up when I was cooling down 🤣🤣
Beverly Downer: 😂😂😂
2021-11-30 15:25:35
Who else woke up SORE today from yesterday's work out LOL. Bout to kill day 2.
Tenisha King: I finished and slept until it was time to get it for work 🤣
Beverly Downer: 💯💯💯
Teah Simon: Yall i needed an ice bath lmao
2021-11-29 13:50:45
where do I see the workouts? I cant find it
Shana Williams : Someone said they're on the website, but not in the app
Teah Simon: I am on the website. it says to subscribe on the 14 day challenge but ive paid for it already lol
Antionette Payne: Go to 'My Subscription'
2021-11-26 03:21:51
I can't wait to start this 14 day challenge! 11/29 come on