2022-01-04 21:30:15
Hey Guys !Late start but Day2 Completed !! Tryna stay positive
Team X28 : Dope, Great Job !!!💪🔥
2022-01-03 17:11:23
Day 1 completed
I am proud of myself. I cant lie yoll I procrastinated ALLL the way up until about 2 pm. But " I DID IT JOE"🤣. The exercise that was most challenging plank and the one were raise your arm and have to get on the ground .Today has proved that "Sis is outta shape ".I know im going to sleep good tonight .

X28 family :How was ur Day 1 completion???
Team X28 : Great job Johnika, don't worry you will be back in shape soon!!! KEEP PUSHING !!
johnika segine: 💪🏾💪🏾
2022-01-01 18:41:52
Happy New Year ALL. Starting new lifestyle with X28 fitness I attempted this program once before but I was not dedicated and discipline enough…but im not giving up I’m trying again I WANT NOTHING BUT POSITIVE RESULTS THIS 2022
Texas B: Meeeeee too. Let's get it!
Fatma Abdelbaki: That's the spirit!
Team X28 : Hey Johnika, Welcome back we are so proud and thankful for you giving X28 another shot. We can't wait to see your amazing transformation.