2022-01-02 09:18:23
Also hmm- will the subscription link not work until tomorrow?
Fatma Abdelbaki: It's working, but the videos will only be available tomorrow
Texas B: Thanks Fatma!
Team X28 : That's correct thank you so much @Fatma for all your help.
2022-01-01 15:12:55
So, just missed it. But will it be everyday at 12? Can we watch later if we miss? HNY
Nicole Hall: What is every day at 12?
Fatma Abdelbaki: It was a one-off. If it's planned again, info will be posted/sent out via email :)
Team X28 : Hey, Texas HNY. The live was just a New Year Kick off, You can access your challenge videos in your account under the My subscription tab.