2022-01-17 17:12:50
This is a dumb question…. But do I need dumbbells to do the dumbbell destruction challenge? I want to incorporate it in the last 14 days of this challenge. I plan on getting some dumbbells eventually but can it be done without them?
Team X28 : Hey @Fatima no question is a dumb question. Yes, you will need dumbbells to participate in our dumbbell destruction challenge.
2022-01-16 20:18:20
Day 14 and 8 min abs ✅✅ #noexcuses #letsgo 😤
Team X28 : You got that right, we don't make excuses over here! Stay vigilant!! 🔥🔥
2022-01-12 19:38:27
Day 10 and 8 min abs✅ It’s motivating with every day you complete. #noexcuses
SynToia Hunt: ✊🏽
Team X28 : Tally them days up!! Everyday you complete is a testimony to your greatness🔥🔥
2022-01-11 20:44:07
Day 9 ✅ I can honestly say I think my body is adjusting. I was able to plank the first two rounds without a break😤 but I did all 4 rounds and 8 min abs
Janice holmes: Planks use to break me 🥵 now I can do them💪🏾
Team X28 : Progress ladies that’s so dope great job 🔥💪🏽
2022-01-09 18:57:55
So my rest day was yesterday due to unforeseen circumstances, but day 6 and 8 min abs in the books!! I got through the 4 rounds but the planks are my toughest lol. I see it was about abs in day 6, which is why I limped across the finish line in the 8 min abs lol. I did it tho #noexcuses
Team X28 : You on BEAST MOOD!! We love it great work keep pushing !! 💪🏽
2022-01-07 19:02:48
Day 5 completed!! Them planks almost did me in tho lol
Jacqueline Hill: Me too!! LOL
Team X28 : Let's GOOO!! Them planks are nothing to play with!! 😂💪🏽
2022-01-05 20:43:28
As a newbie…. I completed day 1&2 of beginners but should I do the workout more than once? Should I do the days workout multiple times? I haven’t worked out in a few years due to a knee injury but I’m determined to work for the results. Just looking for a little guidance
Team X28 : Welcome to the challenge, Fatima! To answer your question, you will need to follow the video and complete rounds warmup, rounds 1-4, and cool down each day. Each workout should take 30-40 minutes. You only need to workout once a day, however if you choose to more, we recommend that you listen to your body and not push yourself too hard.