2021-11-29 11:38:08
This morning we understand some users had an issue viewing workouts inside the mobile app. The issue has been resolved. Please restart the app. If you cannot see the workouts right away please wait 10-15 seconds and they will appear. If the problem persists you can still access the workouts in your web browser. (Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox).
Please respond to this post to let us know if your workouts appear given the instruction above. Thank you for your patience.
Christine Gelson : It is still not working, once you click on the 14 day challenge, it states no content available. I logged off and back in already
Joan Kimondo: Hi. I can't seem to access the workouts either. I have restarted several times. Still no luck. Help!
Catrina Gurley: I still can't see workout...when I click on it it says no content available...I uninstalled app then I re installed...still no workout..