2022-03-15 11:49:03
I need to maintain in my weight while doing this !!! Any suggestions ion wanna lose all my weight
Coop: Follow the Weight Maintenance Meal Plan.
Team X28 : They key to maintaining weight is to eat before you workout (if you can). Another key is never skip a meal. So eating breakfast. Lunch, and dinner, while snacking in between will help.
2022-03-15 11:47:13
Can’t wait to get off for I can complete day 2
Let’s goo. !!!!
Team X28 : Lets Get It!
Rita J.: Me too!! Let's get it!! 💪🏾
2022-03-08 19:50:41
Can’t wait till I start in March !!! I did it way back then in 2017!! Now I’m
Konfena Simpson : Welcome back 👋🏾🥳
Team X28 : Welcome back to the X28 Family!! We almost there baby!! 💪🏽
Alexis Green: Same! Haven’t done a challenge since 2018, I’m excited!