2021-12-08 02:12:40
Fell off these last 2 days - been feeling drained but I’m determined to pick up back tomorrow & finish strong 💪🏼
Team X28 : That's okay take a breather and finish strong you got this !!
2021-12-06 00:37:29
Definitely needed my rest day today. Looking forward to killing this upcoming week!! One week down, one to go!!
2021-12-03 11:20:40
Down 3.8lbs since Monday 🎉 thank you everyone for sharing your journey - it helps to keep going and know I’m not the only one punching the air with some of these workouts 🤣🤣🤣 great job y’all.
Dominique Barlow: Girl yes!!! I love it here <3
2021-12-01 12:23:13
2lbs down 🎉 rest day but I am still motivated to do some type of workout.
Beverly Downer: Great!!
Angela Johnson: Me too imma do day 1 again and the treadmill