2022-03-15 09:50:30
Hello everyone my name is Andrea Cook and I'm addicted to X28! I got all the way to beginning of week 3 of last months challenge an fell off like a crack head at an all dope party, lol. I planned my life for this month accordingly (no trips) and this will never happen again because I was getting fine fine 😭 I did jump back in the challenge and did the workouts for the rest of the month.
This program works! All you have to do is push play! This month I'm going to be consistent, conquer and win this challenge! I tried to access my videos yesterday and they were not available. I see they are up todayπŸ™Œ! My question is, can I still enter the challenge by starting today due to technical difficulties outside of my reach?
Coop: Yes you can
Team X28 : Yes! You are still in the challenge. Lets get back on track πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Andrea Cook: Thanks guys and thanks @X28! Let's get it!!!