2021-05-13 22:23:11
Day 11 done!
2021-05-13 04:14:07
I don't feel the lower body working out shit but my thighs. I need so booty action.
Phyllis Martin: Make sure youโ€™re engaging your glutes at the top of the squat exercises and keep up with the pace of the instructor.
2021-05-12 19:00:42
Another days challenge in the books! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ
2021-05-10 06:05:23
Went out at 3am to do the Ms. Veteran America 5k and doing x28 day 7 later!!! I'm getting more motivated as I go along. Let's keep it up ladies!!!
2021-05-09 16:59:36
Day 6 in the books! Happy Mother's dayyyyyyy! ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ
2021-05-09 16:12:54
What's up gang! I just want to share I'm down from 226 pounds to 215. I even skipped a coupl days b cause my legs were too sore, so it goes to show diet plays a big part!
2021-05-06 03:01:21
Y'all my legs are weak as hell! Straight jello. I hope I can finish this challenge.
tanicka_c: Keep pushing you got this!!
Honey Comb: Hi Aisha I hope all is well. My legs been out of commission since Day 1 Monday!! I choose the lowerbody blast and honey! My legs been sore since. Today is my Day 2, smh! Lets finish this we can get thru this! Good Luck on your journey!!
Aisha Walker: Thanks Lekesha!
2021-05-04 02:08:42
So for those doing the LB workout, do you do abs at the beginning or the end?
Laneita Doss: I did abs at the beginning!
2021-05-04 01:03:38
Maaannnn how was day one for y'all?! Not gonna lie, I struggled, but no pain, no gain right?! Ready for day 2.
2021-05-02 22:37:53
Two and a half hours to go until the challenges start y'all! What do y'all struggle with most? I don't drink enough water and I have been slacking on watching what I eat.
Paula Trotter: I don't eat enough.
Felicia M: Eating too much or when Iโ€™m bored
Saliah Austin: I overindulge in sweets. I drink more than enough water but the carbs and candy always get me. Hopefully I can find more healthy snacks that I like