2021-05-13 12:24:58
Dang day 3 on one bc I missed n rest on the other ...keep it up
2021-05-09 16:54:09
Happy Mothers day yall!!! Time to gett the mommy snap back body these beautiful kids decided to upgrade for us temporarily lol...good luck on yall transformations everyone u deserve it!
2021-05-09 16:51:54
Upper body burn day one done!!!! Next Reps and sets bitty time!!! ..lets go!
2021-05-09 15:40:26
Ok so I tried the lower body 28 days n loved it ...it kicked my ass but worth it n fell off due to life n moving ect. So its been a year and in ready to get back at it is seen results with this wen I tried so i feel its worth it to me. N now u have even more challenges im exctied this should definitely help me get back in shape n work ready we no these cameras have not filters lol...n there is definitely no price to high on feeling great! I start my new challenges today #excitedx28