2021-04-24 03:40:24
Ok. SO I'm really looking for an accountability partner. This is my third time enrolling in this program with no results, of my own lack of accountability of course. I hate working out. The first time I purchased the program, I did well for about a week or two. The second time I just wasn't focused at all. I am trying to reenlist after having been out of the Navy for six years and I need to drop all this weight! I currently weigh about 220. My goal is 190. I just really need the encouragement. I have been dealing with a lot. Just had two family members and my godmother within weeks of each other. March and April have been HELL. I just want to start fresh and actually LOSE the weight.
Rita Hodges: I am not sure how to use this platform, but I have been looking for an accountability partner as well! I just lost my big sister. She left behind 3 children. I HAVE to get healthy for THEM.
Aisha Walker: Rita I'm sorry for your loss!! Erica I'm doing the lower body workout. Y'all are welcome to add me on Snapchat if you have it. My name on there is worstbehavior08.
Erica C: So sorry for your loss, Rita. Aisha Walker, alright, I'll add you.