2022-03-15 03:24:40
Day 1 done. Im so proud of myself. I pushed through all 4 rounds. You guys i just had a baby three months.
Keyara Samuel : Congrats mama you got this
Mislene D: Congratulations 👏
2022-01-02 09:50:17
Hello everyone! What time do you guys workout? Do you eat before or after u workout.
Natasha watts: I workout at 5am.. it gets me very energetic during the day.. after having a long day of doing everything else, working out is the last thing I want to do.. exercise gives you energy, so I don't get tired during the day at all.. at night I can relax and sleep good.. the hardest part is getting up at 4:50a to get ready.. but at the end of the day, u are going to be glad you got it out the way..
Tashawn Belt: Thanks everyone.
Team X28 : Hey Tashawn, You can workout at whatever time best suits you we also recommend that you eat before working out.