2023-05-23 10:35:53
Just finish day 2
Team X28 : Let's GOO!!!🔥🔥👏🏽👏🏽
2023-05-22 21:20:53
Day 1 was a struggle for me
Andrea Cook: Me too but we got it done!
Team X28 : We’re so Proud of YOU for pushing through!! Congratulations on completing Day 1 of the Challenge! Remember to always listen to your body and choose a Challenge difficulty that you can Progress with! Keep showing up for yourself, Shatoya. You're stronger than you think! 💪🏽💪🏽👏🏽
Soraya Young: You’ve got this!! The first week is always the toughest but it will become muscle memory soon!!
2022-07-16 21:45:02
i been slacking no good back to my bad habit again
Carmen Kennedy: Getting back on tomorrow
Team X28 : Lets Go Yall! 💪🏾
2022-06-28 14:41:24
Day 2 complete it was hard to felt like giving up hardly finish but I did it
Team X28 : Thats Day 2 for ya! It gets better. 🙏🏾 Way to go!
2022-06-27 18:51:26
First was a lil hard for me haven’t work in a long time
2022-06-27 18:50:39
1 day down let go
Team X28 : It gets better from here. Great Job! 💪🏾
2022-06-27 07:52:27
I don’t see no video
Team X28 : Hey @shatoya! To access your challenge and videos, simply log into your account from our website x28fitness.com, using your email address and password. Then: - Click on the “My Subscriptions“ tab - Scroll down and select “X28 All Access” blue button - Click on your subscription plan ( Beginners, Intermediate or Xtreme etc) - Select your appropriate day & press Play