2023-03-16 12:36:20
Guyssssss I am new here! I’m 5’4 F! I weigh 304! I just purchased my x28 can I still join even tho it’s day 3 I think so do I start my day 4 exercises or I can start on day one today as my day 1! Since I just purchased
Cristian Bailey: Welcome!! You're gonna love it here! ❤ Yes, you can still join the Challenge! You even have time to join this month's transformation contest. The rules are in your documents section. Start at Day 1. Good luck!
Team X28 : Hey you can definitely start with the group you would just be two days behind. You can sign up for our All Access Subscription! 💪🏽
Carla Wilson: Heyyyyyy, Welcome! Just do your thing & start at Day 1. Hope you enjoy & take advantage of this awesome program!