2021-10-01 19:40:45
Day 12 is complete. I feel so warn out but relieved at the same time. Making it to day 12 is an accomplishment for me. I took pictures to see if I saw a difference between day 1 and day 7, and I did. I cant wait to see my progress on Day 14. Good Luck Yall. Keep going!
2021-09-24 07:37:49
Ok! So Day 5 is down and I am so proud of myself. Those Burpees though... we have a love hate relationship.. Hopefully that changes later on in this Challenge... lol
Pamela Gaddie: Girl I can’t even do one !! Be proud of what you can do … but im on day 2 and my body so sore lol
Nia M.: Yea me and those burpees are at war with each other lol I’m going to win tho.
Christy Martelly: Exactly y’all!! Lol
2021-09-22 20:54:17
Today was Day 3 (Rest Day). Today I took a 30 minute walk and I did the AB Workout this morning and after work. My body is in pain from the last two days. (lol) I hope I don't hurt too bad tomorrow. I hope everyone else are getting is getting their workout in! Let's Go!!
2021-09-21 19:19:39
So, last month I had a rocky start. I kept starting over and working out Day 1 and Day 2 over and over again. This time, I'm going to succeed at this challenge with no missed workouts. I will make time on my schedule to complete this no matter what. I will block out other things until I complete the days that I need to complete. I am so grateful for being able to complete Day 2 of this challenge and on time. Let's Go!!
Felicia Payton: You can do it!! Stay focused!
Chanika Coleman : Keep pushing
Christy Martelly: Thanks y’all! ❤️