2023-07-18 17:28:52
Day 2 Complete 😊
Team X28 : Well done
2021-04-02 17:58:52
Day 4 complete but it was hard to get into it like the previous days. Mentally I was checked out, form seemed to be off but I gave it what I could. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Good luck everyone!
Danielle Hawkins: Keep pushing!!
Valenzia Woodard: @Brianna same here! The important part is that we got through it!!
2021-04-01 17:58:44
Day 3 (rest day) but I completed the 8 minute abs and 1 video of the resistance. I was scared to completely rest because I quit the last time after a rest day.
MzSmilezzz murphy: Way to get it in sis!!!!
Valenzia Woodard: Thank you sis, WE got this!!!
2021-03-31 14:52:02
Day 2 done by the Grace of God 🥴
2021-03-30 23:40:05
Day 1 complete 😊