2023-08-04 11:08:52
Just completed Day 5! But I’m telling you by time I make it to Round 3 of any day I be ready to poot out lol! But knowing I’m almost to my cool down w Imann keeps me going! Thanks to all the trainers involved! Have a great weekend!
Team X28 : 🙌🏽
2023-08-01 22:49:16
Better late than never… pushed thru Day 2 😮‍💨 and I ate pretty clean today.. proud of myself ❤️
Team X28 : Good Job!
2023-07-31 15:01:59
*7/31 1st Day Complete! My favorite part was the stretching and cool down w Imann! Felt so good & relaxing! Good luck to everyone!
Team X28 : Day 1 Complete! Great job Tera!