2023-01-20 17:02:22
Day 4 done, around what day did you guys start seeing results?
Team X28 : Good work! Keep staying consistent, the results will come!
2023-01-17 17:37:44
Day 1 done... I wanted to quit mid challenge but I didn't give up! I hope this comes in handy!
Tonya Johnson: You got this!
Team X28 : Keep going! You got this!
2023-01-16 10:24:25
when can we access the videos!?
Zyaire Spencer: The challenge is still not working for me.
Team X28 : Hi Zyaire! Just checking to see if you've been able to to get in...if not, can you send an email to contact@x28fitness.com so we can get you started
Zyaire Spencer: Yes I'm able to access the challenge now. Thank you!