2021-06-02 09:51:51
Took a week and a half off because I had lots of family in town. Back on track today with day 11 and man I feel every bit of the time I took off Lord help me!
2021-05-19 10:52:04
Day 9 complete!!
2021-05-17 17:00:56
Day 8 complete!!
2021-05-15 18:42:01
Hey ya'll it's day 7(rest day) for me so I actually took a rest today! Ready to hit day 8 tomorrow!! Keep pushing! #summerbodyloading
2021-05-14 10:31:13
Day 6 completed!! loving my workout routine!!
2021-05-13 10:52:54
Day 5 complete!!
2021-05-12 09:57:54
Day 3 was a rest day so I went on to day 4! really feeling the burn!!
2021-05-11 11:19:41
Day 1 & 2 complete! The May challenges are kicking by butt! Totally different from the March challenge! Glad I started my second challenge. Come on summer body!!!!
2021-05-10 11:14:10
Hey everyone! Today is my first day of the May intermediate 28 day challenge! I completed the March challenge I started weighing 178 I am now 173, but lost a lot of inches!! So excited to start this new challenge!
Sophia Vereen: Great job! I love the inches lost! The scale is the DEVIL!
2021-04-26 18:03:29
Day 23 Check!