2022-05-15 17:40:32
Had to catchup. I didn’t get a workout in on yesterday.
Team X28 : Amazing work today!! 🔥🔥🔥
Tamara Joiner: Thank you 😊
2022-04-29 22:41:49
Ooh wee! I actually need that rest day! Lol
Still enjoying the journey though
Coop: Great job. Made it through Hell Week!
Tamara Joiner: Yesssss! Lol. Thank you
Team X28 : Awesome job 🔥💪🏽
2022-04-20 11:50:18
I didn’t see my lil “checkmark” for Day 2 😬, but completed it, plus an additional 30 min workout 😃
Team X28 : Great work today ! Your check mark should be there as long as you completed the challenge to the end including the cool down.
Tamara Joiner: I was having some trouble with the app, but I’m officially checked of today 🤗 I may have to stick to using the browser. I’m enjoying the challenge 🎉 thank you for responding
2022-04-19 21:45:20
Day 2 is completed!! 1 hour! My mid-section is like “what’s going on?” Lol
Team X28 : Love it great work 🔥🔥
Tamara Joiner: Thank you
2022-04-19 00:02:45
First day completed! April Challenge.
Modified burpees and planks…oh wee!! Lol
Team X28 : Wow‼️ Awesome work keep killing it 🔥🔥