2021-05-19 00:27:05
Just finished another workout. Im realizing I really don't like night workouts 🥴
2021-05-17 20:41:12
Finished 10 this morning and feeling like doing 11 now #motivated
2021-05-15 15:00:29
Hello!! I have a question for those who are on their second go round with this program. Once you reach the end of your subscription, are the videos unavailable? I enrolled like 5 days late and trying to catch up.
Ayanna Wiggins: Hey!! Yes when you reach the end of your subscription you no longer can see those videos. When you subscribe to a new challenge you have to scroll down until you see (May) challenge if you are using the app. Welcome back!!
Shamika Green: Thank you! I did it a couple years ago and one busy day I tried to skip the warm up and started with the side to side planks....never again! I tore a muscle in my side and I gave up. STRETCH PEOPLE!! I love the stretches now lol