2021-05-11 00:25:23
Day 8 completed!!!
2021-05-10 12:26:37
I can actually do planks after a week into the challenge! Yaaay πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
2021-05-08 01:21:53
I did Day 4 & 5 LORD HAVE MERCY GOD lol! I had to catch myself up.
2021-05-06 00:32:44
I've just completed Day 2 and I'm feeling the burn πŸ”₯ I got a little behind but my hubby pushed me to get the workout done! Feeling great!
2021-05-03 12:27:38
Does anyone have any tips on how to improve your strength to do planks? I can’t hold myself up long enough to complete them lol. My core is weak!
Dominique Barlow: Ok thanks for the tip! I’ll try that.
Phyllis Martin: Keep doing them and you will get stronger as the challenge goes on. Track how many seconds you can hold them and build on that throughout the challenge.
Dominique Barlow: Ok thanks Phyllis 😊
2021-05-03 11:52:35
Day 1 completed! Yaaay! I'm 5 weeks postpartum and it felt good to get this fitness challenge started!
2021-05-03 08:25:36
Is anyone using the X28 fat burners along with the challenge?