2022-06-02 22:29:29
Day 4 done! Whew lawd that was a good one!
Team X28 : 🙌🏽
2022-05-30 17:00:27
I think I'm going to start back at day one since I've missed three days. New week fresh start!
Coop: Pick up with today's workout(Day 8). You can make up the missed workouts at the end.
Atoya Fletcher: Me too, I’ll start over tomorrow, new month
Dama Newton: Thank you all for the Support! 💛
2021-12-01 11:25:20
I started a day late so no rest day for me 😑
Beverly Downer: Gurl I know me too!!!😂😂😂
2021-11-29 17:48:00
Ok so you have to go to the website access your video and meal plan...
2021-11-29 14:34:14
The video is unavailable.. How can I retrieve them?
Lekiesha Moore : Log in from the site and go to your subscriptions