2021-10-28 23:01:38
Wheww! Day 4 tried but ya sus pushed thru fasho💪🏽🥳

Let’s gooooo & awesome job fam bam!!
2021-10-26 21:06:13
My toddler wouldn’t let me be great but the job is completed lol Look like we done kicked Day 2 out Tha park🙌🏽💪🏽🥳🥳 Awesome job! The rest day will be enjoyed, wheww!!! Eat clean & remember health is wealth!!!
2021-10-25 10:21:46
Grand Rising everybody! I pray the next 28 days of this journey exceed our expectations! Kudos to everybody who already knocked the first day out the park! Transformation loading……LETS GET IT💃🏽💪🏽