2022-05-11 06:49:19
Swear if I actually ate right they wouldn’t be able to do nothing with me lol but I be on them workouts tho ayyye!! #Her #Nursebae #NursesWeek #WCW #DemChirrenMama #FiveFootFine #HotMomSummer
Bri E: @team X28 💯 I’m hangin in there
Bri E: @Tylissa I’ve never followed a meal plan 🥴 I just try to eat “bad” in moderation lol
Bri E: Oh and thanks y’all ☺️
2022-05-05 09:52:59
Day 19 Xtreme ☑️ With my 2yo accountability partner lol I mean she did help put the weight on so it’s only right she helps take it off 😂
Team X28 : Love the curls!! Great work today 🔥💪🏽