How to Avoid Bad Eating Habits to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Are you trying to lose weight but weight don’t want to lose you? More likely it’s your diet, not what you’re eating but more so your eating habits. 

The eating habits you have are equally important to the food that you eat and can also play a major role in helping you lose weight or causing you to gain weight.

Here are 5 Eating Habits You Should Start Doing:

Take Actual Meal Breaks

Not taking a proper meal break can actually do more harm than good. It can reduce your productivity, mood, and almost guarantee that we overeat later. 

Eat More Meals Daily 

The biggest mistake  people make when it comes to weight loss is thinking that eating less meals cuts daily calories  and helps with weight-loss. WRONG!  You actually need to enough calories to keep your metabolism active and skipping meals wills slow it down. 

Stop Substituting Sugar for ‘Sugar Free’

Food labels can be so deceiving and that’s a whole other blog topic. But when it comes to sugar, so many people think our they go the ‘sugar feee’ route that it’s okay. WRONG! Because many people will consume more ‘sugar free’ foods with the mindset that they are eating calorie-free foods. The calories can still add up quickly with foods made with no 

non-nutritive sweetners that actually have more carbs and fats sources.  

Stop Eating in Front of the TV

Simply put, you’re distracted. Since your focused on what’s on TV, you tend to mindlessly eat more than you should, or snack more on foods you normally wouldn’t. Eating while distracted doesn’t allow you to pay attention to inner cues that tell you that you are full. The less distractions you have, the less likely you will overeat.