4 Reasons Why the Number on the Scale Does Not Matter

Calling all scale watchers and calorie counters!

This blog is for you.

Here at X28, we work with many people who are always trying to unlock the key to their dream body. One of the many myths we try to break is that the number on the scale isn’t a true depiction of your body transformation. 

What really matters is the relationship a person has with his or her own self-image, food and body BUT we also want to educate you on how to really measure ‘weight loss.’

So let’s get started okurrr!

Like most, you are eating a healthier diet and working out and for some reason the scale hasn’t moved. Well, here are some reasons to consider why the number on the scale doesn’t matter:


Do you wonder why the number on the scale doesn’t move after you've been eating clean and putting in the work with the X28 Challenges? Well, this is because you are losing body fat while gaining muscle. The number on the scale won’t change but your jeans are getting looser. So if the scale doesn’t change, you may not even be aware that you’re getting real results, especially if you are not taking progress pictures. Take your progress pics!


It actually doesn’t. Your lean muscle weighs exactly the same as fat but it looks different. That’s what’s causes your clothes to fit looser but the number on the scale to remain the same.


The body often holds on to fluid during and after intense exercise to prevent dehydration and operate efficiently. Even though you lose a lot of water through sweating, the body tries to gain it back to maintain adequate sodium levels. This can result in huge fluctuations on the scale by as much as 9lbs!! So if you been killing the challenges makes sure you’re drinking enough fluids, before, during and after your workout to reduce the need for your body to hold it in afterwards.


If you’ve been doing consistent cardio or X28 at least three times a week, you will notice the scale going up. This is because the intense exercises is causing excessive muscle damage and repair which can also cause your muscles to swell and feel sore. This type of acute inflammation is generally temporary, and so is the weight gain. Rest and let your body recover, and you will be alright.