Dining Out on a Diet? Tips to Eat Healthy When Eating Out

We've missed out on a lot last year and as the world opens back up, so does your social life. Especially going out to dinner. Let’s face it, eating out is just fun! You get to enjoy good food with good people and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.

But, we also know how difficult it can be to make healthy choices. 

But don’t let that ruin your healthy eating goals! Follow our easy tips and see how eating out and maintaining your waistline is possible!

  1. Look at the Menu Beforehand: This gives you more time to make healthier choices so that you can quickly place you  order and spend the rest of the time catching up with friends. 

        Avoid these key words on the menu:

    • pan-fried
    • crispy
    • dipped
    • breaded
    • cream

        Instead, replace them with these:

    • grilled
    • steamed
    • baked
    • roasted
    • braised
    • broiled
    • seared


    2. Ask for more Veggies. When ordering, ask for double the normal serving of veggies, and offer to pay extra (more often than not, you won't be charged)  


    3. Box half of it. Restaurants will serve two to three times what you actually need for a normal serving. They don’t care about your body goals! Next time, ask to box half your entrée BEFORE it ever even gets to the table. This will save you calories.  


    4. Drink water with your meal. Try your best to get used to drinking water as your main beverage.  Drinking water will slow you down from eating your food too fast and even eating all of it, which will make you feel full faster. 


Here is the best secret of them all...


 5. Drink a Fat Burning Protien Shake Beforehand. Drinking a 25g Protien shake prior to dinner will keep you full longer so you are less likely to overeat AND less likely to crave that chocolate cake for dessert. But wait! Did you know if you take  X28 Ignite 24/7 Fat Burner before going out to eat, it will actually supress you appetite! We recommend taking 1 capsule along with the protien shake for optimal results!