5 Mental Tricks that can Help you Make Exercise a Habit

Let’s be real: Figuring out how to stick to a workout goal is tough. We all have the best intentions, but somewhere between starting a workout routine and completing it, life gets in the way and we lose confidence and motivation. 

 If your fitness journey has been less than consistent over the past few months (or years), then this article is for you! Here are some of our best mental hacks to get your mind in the game — and your body snatched!


1. Know Your WHY.

Have you found yourself saying: 

“I have tried so many times, BUT…”

“I need to work out, but can’t find the time…”

“I can’t seem to stay motivated”

“It is too hard to eat right…”

It’s impossible to stay committed and determined to do ANYTHING unless you know your “WHY.” Your “Why” is the REAL reason, the DRIVING reason that you WANT to change, workout, and get healthy. You can’t change for someone. You can ONLY change if your WHY is important and visible to you.

Determine your WHY sis and write it down somewhere so you can see it every day and see what happens!


2. Tap an Accountability Partner!

Accountability partners are a great way to have other people keep you on track. Grab your Day 1 and schedule times to check-in and workout together. If you don’t have a Day 1, X28 Programs has a whole Facebook community of people working towards the same goals as you that will support, encourage, and motivate you to reach your goals, whether that’s completing a X28 challenge, pushing past a personal goal, or just eating healthier.


3. Schedule Time.

Carving out a specific time each day limits the excuse of not having the time, and it also builds the habit of carving out time for you and your fitness. Schedule 30 min each day at the same time and make it your time to do something active: Walk, Run, Bike, or the X28 Program. Think of it as your DAILY SELF-CARE time!


4. Start Small.

A lot of times we fall short because we set big goals instead of setting small goals. Instead of saying, “I want to lose 15lbs this month” say “I want to burn 300 calories a day” Your goal should seem relatively easy or within reach of what you are doing. Why? Attainable goals help ensure that you start out with some all-important wins. So, the more success you see daily, the more you will stay with it. Write down your daily goal each morning and see the results happen!


5. Avoid the Scale.

Let me tell you a little secret: weight scales SUCKS

Why? It all comes down to water retention and digestion. Worked out the day before? Feeling sore? Well, your muscles retain up to 5 lbs. of water when repairing themselves. Had a little bit more water because it was a hot day yesterday? Well, those extra two glasses of water translate to 1 lb. of extra weight. So, worrying about your daily weight will jeopardize your efforts.


No matter what your scale says… if you are losing inches and getting leaner, then you are making progress. So do not stress yourself over a silly number on your scale when what really matters is whether you are starting to look better.